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Our Services

Bridge Policy Think Tank is a non-profit organisation engaged in assisting government, non-governmental institutions and regulators in policy research, stakeholder engagement & advocacy, capacity building and regulatory & market reports. Our engagements have been wide and diverse right from providing policy consultancy and advising the central and different state government departments from framing policies to its implementation.

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Policy Research

We assist governments and regulators in identifying and solution-building for problem areas in legislation and policies. We assist in creating approaches and methodologies to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes.

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Stakeholder Engagement & Advocacy

For policy research to resonate with real world needs, we regularly undertake deliberations with key stakeholders including industry, influencers and government bodies. We regularly undertake intervention exercises through policy deliberations to provide policy inputs and thought leadership to government bodies. We also undertake grassroot advocacy campaigns to educate beneficiaries.

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Capacity Building

Capacity development and training programs are being conducted continuously in our organization to improve, strengthen and maintain the
sustenance of structures developed for carrying out various services.

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Regulatory & Market Reports

Bridge Policy Think Tank emphasizes on the importance of stakeholder deliberation and public participation as a mode of discourse of information and increased engagement. To facilitate the participation of
industries and institutions in the public sphere, we share platforms and encourage the growth of diverse perspectives and conflicting views.

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